Further to the post last Thursday, the 23rd, about the non-delivery of my parcel and the atrocious customer service every small business could learn from, there’s been a development. After much searching, I found a chat line for Amazon customer service.

I explained the issue and after some inquiring, the Amazon chat line representative told me what I already knew—that the shipper had encountered a difficulty in attempting to deliver the parcel and would make another attempt. “Today?” I asked? “No,” came the reply, “by the end of the month.” One can only wonder what the difficulty might be if it’s going to take more than a week to overcome it.

Now, in fairness to the Amazon representative, this thing was not her fault. She could only apologize on behalf of the shipper and, by way of expressing her appreciation for my patience, offered me a $5 credit to be applied to my next purchase. I’d pretty much run out of options so I accepted the $5 and called it  day. I guess I’d been bought off for $5.

So, in spite of the Amazon customer service representative handling this as well as could be expected, the bottom line remains one of a poor customer experience.

As I mentioned in the previous post, large monopolistic organizations can get away this type of poor customer experience. Your small business can’t.