If you’ve been following the entries here over the past year or so, you’ll recall my campaign against the use of glitter in the garment-decorating industry. You’ll also recall that because of raising the issue, I’ve become persona non grata in industry circles where I was once welcome. Well, I’ve been encouraged by recent events in the campaign against glitter as part of the effort to address the microplastic pollution of our waterways and oceans.

In addition to certain large retailers banning glitter about three years ago, the EU has now banned it. Unfortunately, in North America it’s still being promoted in printing applications. For instance, at the Printing United show last month, an equipment manufacturer was demonstrating how its wide-format printer could apply glitter. However, I recently had some good news when a prominent industry journalist agreed to publish an article on the issue of glitter as a harmful microplastic in the same magazine in which another journalist reported on the wide-format glitter-applying machine. It’s going to provide the editor with a dilemma; time will tell if the environment can prevail over vested commercial interests.

The anti-glitter article is apparently scheduled to be published in February. I’ll be updating this story at that time.