Cary Sherburne writes for the fashion, textile, and garment-decorating industries. Her primary focus is sustainability. In fact, she agreed to investigate and write an article about the glitter-as-a-microplastic issue which is due for publication in February.

A recent Sherburne article included this: “It seems that each and every day there is more alarming news about the state of Planet Earth. July, August, and September were Earth’s hottest three months on record. This ups the ante for humans residing on Earth . . .  we are running out of time to change course. And the textiles and apparel industry, in particular, has a lot of work to do.”

She goes on to discuss two businesses that are responding to the crisis by working to keep textile products out of landfills and redirecting them to a second life, which can in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumption levels. Her purpose in telling these stories is to inspire other businesses to take action.

So what does this mean for your shop? Well, since T-shirts are one of the major aspects of fast fashion, any action promoting a more viable path to sustainable fashion—”secondhand chic”—is by definition bound to have an adverse impact on the new T-shirt market.

It seems that the time is fast approaching for some reflecting on how this going to impact your shop in the medium to longer term.