Here’s a follow-up to the previous post from the same writer, Adrian Dayton.

You should re-think your business’s participation in social media if it is preventing you from concentrating on more important things. It’s a question of focus. Dayton makes the point that many successful entrepreneurs are known for their singular focus at any one time on one or two priorities and are ruthless about saying “no” to everything else. He applies this principle to social media.

If the time you spend on social media is taking time away from the one or two things you need to focus on in your business, you should reconsider how you spend your time. This is particularly true if you’re gaining no worthwhile benefit from your presence on social media.

If you have doubts about the wisdom of dumping social media and spending your time more wisely, consider my experience with LinkedIn. I had over 1,200 small business owner and writer contacts on LinkedIn before I closed my account. I was on LinkedIn essentially to promote my book. I spent hours posting articles and communicating with my contacts over a period of about four years. So how many books did I sell as a result of my involvement with LinkedIn? Not one. How much time have I saved for concentrating on other more lucrative activities after dumping LinkedIn? Many, many hours.