One report from the recent Printing United Show made the point that the future of in-person trade events is rosy. Per the reporter in question: “Virtual shows are no replacement for the ability to see equipment in action, meet up with old friends and colleagues, and meet new people coming into the industry.”

But one impression in particular came from Kornit Digital’s press conference. They of course talked up print-on-demand and claimed that the old model of textile production—mass produce, then distribute, then discard unsold inventory—has become woefully out of fashion. They have been claiming the same thing about textile screen printing for some time, yet it doesn’t appear to be the case in Canada. Nevertheless, any Canadian textile screen printing shop owner would be wise to keep an eye on DTG and print-on-demand even though it’s hard to know what to believe, especially when you read that Kornit is still in loss territory.

However, back to the an important point about in-person trade events—I’d agree that they are well worth attending, especially the Long Beach Show which is coming up again in January on the 18th to the 21st.