If you’re going to prepare promotional material for your shop be aware that your credibility will be judged by it. For instance, if you draft an email or a pamphlet advertising your products and services it had better be well designed with eye-catching graphics, grammatically accurate text, and no spelling errors. And unless you’re fluent in the language in which you’re drafting it, get qualified help. In other words, only put out “professional-looking” promotional material. Anything less will undermine the message.

For instance, here’s and example taken from an error-strewn email promotion I received yesterday from an embroiderer. By the time I saw the example I’ve excerpted below, I had already seen enough to form an impression of the shop. It wasn’t good. If I were looking for an embroiderer, this shop would definitely not be in the running.

If you can’t QC the text in which you’re promoting your “strict” QC, how could I have any confidence in your QC?

“Strick QC on every design”

“Professional” promotional material can be a great weapon in your marketing arsenal. Sloppy, inaccurate promotional material will do more harm than good.