I make a point of reading to keep up with developments in, not only the world-wide garment decorating industry, but also the fashion industry generally. What goes on in the greater fashion industry is bound to have an impact on textile screen printing sooner or later, and in the case of the Canadian textile screen printing industry, probably a lot later. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore it.

It often seems that we live in a bubble up here, mostly unaware of unfolding developments in the greater world. I say this because I read about stuff that I never hear mentioned in the industry here. For instance, when last have you given any thought to, or discussed with other textile screen printers: regenerative fashion; accelerating climate action in the fashion industry; graphene; and carbon capture? These are all topics that have recently been addressed in industry articles and which an informed industry participant should know about, even if just in overview.

We, as a Canadian textile screen printing industry need to make sure that we know what’s going on out there before it catches us with our pants down in here.

We can’t exist in a bubble. We have to read. We have to attend shows and conventions.