Yet another article about Direct To Garment printing popped up recently in my email. This one forecast a USD1.8201 billion DTG market by 2032. Based on my experience with the difficulties of forecasting, especially ten years out in an unsettled and unpredictable world, I’m immediately skeptical of a precise number when a range might have been more credible. However, that’s a topic for another day.

The article claims that the reason for the growth of the DTG printing market is, ” . . . the purchasing habits of the consumers. Demographically, millennials are raising their spending on aesthetical designs on their garments. These designs provide an enhancement in the garment industry where digital designs can be printed on the garments. The developments in the fashion industry have driven the demand for the garments design and printing industry. The trend of customized printing with brand owners tailoring their marketing communications on garments has led to growth in the opportunities for direct to garment printing market.”

What does that even mean? If you can decipher that word salad, please let me know at 

When it comes to DTG in Canada, I’d like somebody to show me actual, detailed, comprehensive, all-inclusive figures to justify spending CAD848,000 on a, say, Kornit Atlas DTG printer, or for that matter any amount of dollars on any of the production-capacity DTG printers.

You have my email address. I’m willing to be enlightened.