For at least the past two years I’ve been writing about an accelerating trend in the sign industry — adopting textile printing. I’ve mostly mentioned this in the context of sign shops printing garments on direct-to-garment printers and also heat-pressing vinyl onto garments. But now textiles have apparently caught the attention of wide-format printers too. Coming up on the 25th of this month,

WhatTheyTh!nk (the influential information source on all things printed), is offering a free webinar titled; “All Things Big and Soft—The Latest in Display Graphics and Textile Printing.”

Here’s part of their description of the purpose of the webinar: ” . . . digital textile printing is a hot new area—and in fact display graphics printers are starting to add textile printing. What are the top trends in both these areas, and how do they complement each other?” In this instance the textiles in question are apparently yardage, and even if you’re not a wide-format printer it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the migration of fabric into sign and graphics shops because it’s happening in garments as well.

Regardless of whether yours is a textile shop or a sign shop, attending this webinar may just give you a peek into a future that may require a rethink of your business model. You can register here.