By now we all know that glitter is microplastic. And we all know that, like all other microplastics, it’s finding its way into the oceans where it’s causing havoc with marine life, including finding it’s way into the marine life that we eat. And by that route, we’re apparently ingesting the plastic equivalent of a credit card a week.

We also know that none of this information has had any impact on our industry manufacturers and influencers, including a leading garment-decorating magazine. So far, extensive correspondence has failed to make any progress as the editors choose inaction. So let’s dedicate a limerick to the magazine. At least one of the editorial staff reads the posts on this site; perhaps it will reach where correspondence has failed to. Yes, yes, I know limericks are supposed to be funny and there’s nothing funny about microplastic pollution, but let’s bend the rules of poetry to make a point:

Glitter is meant to be bright
for every child’s delight.
But what they don’t know
is it’s going show
in the fish they’ll be eating tonight.